Godstone Therapy Centre

Our sports therapists give advice to athletes on how to train and compete safely, as well as treat injuries and assist with rehabilitation. Their aim is to prevent injuries and to help those who are injured to return to full fitness.

Sports therapy and rehabilitation is concerned with musculoskeletal conditions.
It focuses on understanding and preventing sports injuries and dealing with the effects of physical and emotional trauma due to sports injuries.

Conditions and treatment methods:

  • Muscle strains and tears- Myofascial release and Deep Fiction Massage
  • Ligament sprains- Ultra sound therapy treatment
  • Lower back pain and sciatica- remedial massage
  • Impingement syndromes- muscle energy techniques (MET)
  • Flexibility & development- specialist stretch techniques (PNF)
  • Cardiovascular development- real time digital fitness testing & analysis

The Godstone Therapy Centre houses modern, state of the art technology to help faster recovery. We offer Ultra sound and cold Laser therapy. We get our clients back to competitive sport quicker and reduce frustrating injury time.

We are constanty forging professional contracts with local teams and athletes.
Our therapists can arrange quick referrals and have extensive relationships with other medical practitioners.
Our therapists have over 13 year experience…